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Download DA-FormMaker

  • DA-FormMaker is the perfect solution to create HTML forms. The form data are sent to your email address. You don’t need knowledge in HTML, PHP or CGI to get a working HTML form for your website. Design, form fields and other settings can be configured in the software. Special fields like calendar and drawing / signature fields add extra features for your user. Super fast creation of standard forms using integrated templates and easy integration into your homepage with the export wizard.

    You can also create responsive forms, which can be used on every platform from desktop computers to smartphones.

    The captcha spam protection prevents spam bots from abusing your online form.

    Download DA-FormMaker

    Download the free trial version. Limited to 5 form fields.

  • Super fast HTML form creation

    Create fully functional HTML forms in just a few minutes, with input validation, configure design and color of your form. Form content is sent to you via email.
    Use of templates for standard forms!

    Captcha Spam Protection

    Protect your form against spam bots with the integrated captcha spam protection. Integrated IP lock and honeypot function against spammers.

    All HTML fields available

    Use all standard HTML fields. Each field can be configured to your needs, input validation for email addresses, numbers, input etc.

    Responsive forms

    Create responsive HTML forms based on the Bootstrap and W3.CSS framework. Your form will work perfectly on mobile devices and tablets.

    File Uploads

    Use file upload fields to allow users to send files to you. Multiple uploads are possible.

    Calendar field

    Add calendar fields for date inputs.

    Time field

    Configurable time fields allow the quick entering of time data and appointments

    Popup selection field

    Allow the user to select items from a popup dialog for a text field.

    Export Wizard

    Insert your forms into your website easily with the Export Wizard. Copy the code, paste it, done!

    Signature / Drawing field

    Create and use templates for often used fields (example).

    Generous License

    Created HTML forms can be distributed without any restrictions. Install the formmail script for your customers. Free software updates.

    Formmail script

    Your HTML forms will work out of the box. You can use our hosted formmail script or install the script on your own webspace.


    DA-FormmMaker TemplatesCreate and use templates for often used fields.

  • Buy Standard Edition

    Buy the full version here or via the Windows store:

     24,99Add to cart

    Buy Professional Edition

    For commercial distribution of forms:
    More Information

     79,99Add to cart

    Advantages of the full version

    • no link hint at export
    • free updates
    • no nag screen
    • support future development
    • edit send page

    Standard Version

    The standard version is aimed at all users who create websites for any number of their own websites. This includes private and commercial websites. The number of forms is not limited. The standard version may also be used in the context of creating websites without direct commercial interest. For example, for the creation of an association website or other voluntary activities.

    Professional version

    The professional version is aimed at web designers and companies who create websites and forms for customer orders and earn money with them. The professional version allows the creation of any number of forms for own websites and customer websites.

  • Example forms

    Click on one of the sample forms below to open the form in your browser. All forms were created with DA-FormMaker.

    Screenshot Web-Form for Booking
    Responsive multi column form for a booking

    Screenshot: appointment request form
    responsive multi column form for appointment requests

    Screenshot Web-Form for reservation request
    responsive multi column reservation form

    Example Responsive Form with W3.CSS
    Responsive Form with W3.CSS

    Example Responsive Bootstrap Form with Captcha
    Responsive Bootstrap Form with Captcha

    Example Standard HTML form
    Standard HTML form

    Example Standard form with black design
    Standard form with black design

    Example W3.CSS Form with signature / drawing field
    W3.CSS Form with signature / drawing field

    Example of calender and time field
    W3.CSS Form with signature / drawing field

  • Create forms from template

    Contact form
    Booking form
    Reservation request

  • Quick integration of the form into your homepage

    Quickly insert forms into your existing homepage. With the installation wizard, you can directly generate the code for the installation.
    We have installation instructions for various website builders and software.


    Embedded Iframe Code

    With the Embedded IFrame Code you generate an HTML code, which you only have to integrate at the desired place on your homepage: